You've changed - for good. Your home should too.

Whether you're home or away, we make smart simple. With an ADT-monitored Smart Home Security System and the ADT mobile app, you have remote access and control of everything from lights, locks, and thermostats, to your garage door, cameras, and, of course, your security system.

Smoke Detector

Monitored smoke sensors can detect fires early and notify you and us quickly, so we can send help faster.

Smart Thermostat

Adjust the temperature of your home office or turn it up for some hot yoga, right from your phone.

Smart Lights

Turn on the lights from wherever you are, or create an automation to do it for you.

Live Video

Check in on your kids, and even talk to your pets to make separation anxiety easier for them - and you.

Control Panel

The brains of your system. Use it to control, integrate and customize the smart devices in your home.

Video Doorbell

Easily make deliveries contactless, or check to see who’s at your door, without ever leaving your couch.

Check out these additional smart home accessories

Smart locks
Smart locks

Turn your smartphone into your smart key. Remotely lock and unlock your doors with smart locks and keypads from MCH.

May require locksmith for additional fee

Garage controller
Garage controller

Never worry about whether you forgot to close your garage door. Open and close it from virtually anywhere with an ADT smart garage door control.

Smart plugs
Smart plugs

Control your smart home lights and appliances from virtually anywhere. ADT smart plugs and smart switches give you the convenience and control to turn switches on and off remotely.

Control your smart home with the ADT mobile app

You can use the ADT mobile app to control your smart devices individually, or create modes that let you set multiple-device automations in motion with a single touch.

ADT works with the things you love

ADT lets you connect your favorite security and home automation devices and seamlessly integrate everything into smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, giving you even more security and convenience.

Z-Wave wireless technology

ADT uses Z-Wave technology to let you connect your smart devices to your system in a matter of seconds. Then you can control them with the ADT mobile app from virtually anywhere.

ADT + Sonos

Smart now sounds even better

Sonos smart speakers now seamlessly integrate with the ADT Control app, which will be music to your ears.

  • Control your Sonos speaker right from your ADT Control app, including remotely

  • Make your Sonos part of your smart home scenes, like turning on music and adjusting the lights and thermostat to create the perfect atmosphere

  • Play music from a list of favorites, control audio playback and play music on all your speakers or speaker groups, right from the Control app